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Ofsted Response to Consultation

Ofsted have now published the evaluation report to their consultation from November 2008 on the proposals for college, work-based learning and nextstep inspections from September 2009.

You can download the full response from the Ofsted website by clicking here

Basically the majority of the 170 respondents agreed with the majority of the planned changes to inspection.  The lowest scores were around sector subject areas and unannounced inspections (only 45% of respondents agreed that there was a place for these). So basically everything that was proposed is being taken forward in some guise or other including:

  • Introducing a standard period of notice of two to three weeks for all providers.
  • Use of limiting grades.
  • Six yearly frequency of inspections for good and outstanding providers.
  • Using the health check methodology in identifying providers for inspection.
Ofsted will be “fine tuning” the Common Inspection Framework and grade descriptors over the coming months, so watch out for more news throughout the summer.

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