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Ofsted Launch the Common Evaluation Schedule

Following their recent consultation, Ofsted have released details of the new framework which replaces the current Common Inspection Framework. The new Common Evaluation Schedule is currently being piloted and will be rolled out for all inspections from September 2009.

Detailed inspection guidance is still awaited so it is unclear how the Schedule will be implemented across DWP and Work Based Learning Provision. There are however fundamental changes to the current framework. 
One of the major changes is the reduced notice that Ofsted will be giving providers of inspection. The Ofsted Inspects document which contains details of the Common Evaluation Schedule states that providers will be given the shortest possible notice of an inspection.
  • The minimum period of notice will be no notice.  
  • The maximum period of notice will be 20 working days.

Many providers currently benefit from two or three months notice, so this change will have a major impact on how providers prepare. It will no longer be possible to undertake last minute improvements activity and plan for a well controlled inspection. And this is the whole point - Ofsted want to see the provision as it really is, and “no notice” is their ideal approach. 

Another major change is the introduction of limiting grades, which will impact on other judgements, including overall effectiveness.  If performance or delivery is judged to be inadequate in critical areas of Safeguarding, Capacity to Improve and/or Equality and Diversity, the overall effectiveness grade will be limited to satisfactory (and is likely to be inadequate).  The judgement on achievement may also limit grades.

Other changes from the current framework include:

  • Recommendations (and required actions) which will form part of the report.
  • Clearer guidance regarding how Capacity to Improve is judged.
  • A new judgement on Value for Money covering how efficiently and effectively resources are used and managed to meet the needs of users, and achieve high-quality outcomes.
  • Safeguarding is covered more explicitly with the effectiveness of ensuring learners are safe and ensuring the FEEL safe.
  • Clear definitions of what Equality & Diversity means in practice, which is helpful. Inspectors will be looking at how effectively providers are narrowing the achievement gap, and actively promoting equality and diversity and tackling discrimination.
  • A new section focusing entirely on the five Every Child Matters outcomes, which will cover children, young people and adults.
You can download a full version of the Ofsted Inspects document as well as a summary version below.
These key changes make the management and implementation of continuous improvement practices more important than ever. Good performance on its own will no longer be enough to gain a good inspection outcome.  So make sure your continuous improvement strategies and practice are effective and robust or you could be limiting your inspection grades from the start.
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Ofsted Inspects

Click the logo to download the full document detailing the Common Evaluation Schedule.

Ofsted Inspects Summary

Click the logo to download the summary of Ofsted Inspects.

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