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Ofsted - how prepared are you?

As Ofsted have now completed their final learning and skills inspection under the old common inspection framework, how prepared are YOU for the phone call that tells you Ofsted will be arriving in three weeks time?

The new regime needs a change in culture within the learning and skills sector.  Many providers have used the (sometimes quite generous) time between notification of inspection and the actual inspection date to undertake last minute remedial action and prepare the stage to present their company to Ofsted.  As it will no longer be possible to put on such a show, it is essential that providers embed the quality standards, working practices and systems that are needed to sustain continuous improvement.  

You will need to review your approach to:

  • equal opportunities
  • safeguarding
  • sub contractor management
  • quality assurance
  • customer feedback and involvement
  • performance management
  • caseload management
  • self assessment and improvement planning
  • programme structure and content

.... and that's just the start of it. Your systems need to be well maintained and up to date, so that as you receive your notification there is no last minute panic and you know what Ofsted are going to find.  Don't wait until you get the phone call -start thinking now about your systems and processes.  This isn't something you are doing "for Ofsted", it is something you need to do for the benefit of your customers, stakeholders and staff.  

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