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Ofsted Future Inspection Update

Details about how Ofsted will be running inspections from October are becoming clearer, both as a result of the consultation document just released (see previous story) and the presentations given at the ALP conference on 13th and 14th May (download PDF below).

Ofsted have finalised most of their methodology for LSC provision, but arrangements for DWP contracts are still in the development stages (although most key components are likely to be the same). Following the completion of 19 pilot inspections the following significant changes have now been agreed:

Providers will be selected for inspection annually based on success rates, Framework for Excellence outcomes, progress data and trends, how long the provider has been established and any significant changes to the type of provision offered or learner numbers.

High-performing providers may have up to six years between inspections and satisfactory providers four years. This is definitely a “MAY” statement and the selection criteria above will be applied to all providers each year.

Two to three weeks notice of inspection will become the norm although there will be the possibility of unannounced inspections where necessary.  Ofsted will still carry out planning meetings but these are likely to be telephone conference calls in most cases. The organisations latest self assessment report will be the main source of information for inspectors.

Inspectors will be involving and listening to learner and user views more during inspections including use of email and surveys. Providers will therefore be required to inform all learners and users of the inspection in advance. There will also be greater focus on evaluating the quality of teaching, learning and assessment and even less reliance on documented evidence.

Although all Ofsted inspections will be conducted in line with the overarching Common Evaluation Schedule, inspections within the FE and skills sector will follow the new Common Inspection Framework 2009 for FE and Skills.  

A new Inspection Handbook for FE and Skills is currently being finalised covering the new methodology and framework. As this information comes out, we will do our best to interpret it and share it with you.  But if you want to keep an eye out for yourself there will be more information and guidance over the next few months in Talisman and on the Ofsted website.

Ofsted ALP May 09

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