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Ofsted Future Inspection Consultation

Ofsted are proposing a revised Common Inspection Framework for the inspection of colleges, work-based learning and nextstep from September 2009. The details have been issued for consultation (which closes on 27th January 2009).

The main changes are

  • performance will be risk assessed and adjusted annually to plan inspection for the forthcoming year to determine the focus and frequency of inspection
  • satisfactory colleges and other providers will be inspected at least every four years, high-performing providers may have up to six years between inspections
  • the Common Inspection Framework will focus on how well providers meet users needs; grades for equality and diversity, safeguarding and value for money that will contribute to the judgement on leadership and management; more focus on Every Child Matters outcomes; increased focus on progress made by different groups of learners; introduction of limiting judgements that will affect the maximum grade which can be achieved for some aspects
  • the notice periods for inspection will be reduced eg pilots of no notice inspection
  • the avoidance of duplication and multiple inspection visits will be a priority in inspection planning, including arrangements for inspecting sub-contracted work and provision delivered through consortia
  • changes to reports to include more detailed recommendations and to make them more useful for learners and other users.
Visit the Ofsted website (click here).  You can complete an online survey or submit your response in writing.

Ofsted Consultation

Click the PDF logo on the right to download the consultation document (also availalble on the Ofsted website in Word form).

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