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Ofsted DWP Consultation

Last week Ofsted published their consultation response on proposed changes to DWP contracted employment provision inspections from April 2010.  We’ve finally found time to have a look through to see what’s been decided.

Ofsted received 120 responses from professional associations and organisations from the welfare to work, education and inspection sectors, and also held focus groups to gain feedback.

As expected they haven’t really changed their approach as a result of the consultation except for planning meetings.  They are saying that they will continue to offer face to face planning meetings, introducing telephone planning meetings where appropriate.  It will be interesting to see if this actually happens in practice or if there will be pressure to accept a telephone planning meeting.  Keep us posted on your inspection experience so we can share it with other site users.

Ofsted will be basing their risk assessments on management information validated by DWP.  As the onus still seems to be on providers giving information to DWP, or having difficulty tallying their figures this could be interesting as well!

A DWP specific inspection handbook will be published for April 2010 but we don’t think there will be much difference between that and the existing FE and Skills one.  

They haven’t decided on the best way to inspect providers who are delivering DWP contracted employment provision as well as work-based learning so we’ll have to watch the space on that issue.

So ... not particularly interesting or unexpected, but don't say we don't keep you updated!


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