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Next Step Online

Apologies to regular readers for the recent interruption to our news service.  Having come through bid writing for NOMS ESF and DWP ERSS Framework and on the back of training delivery across the country we are resuming normal service with an update about Next Step.  

There is now a new online service as part of the Next Step package.  this replaces the old careersadvice.direct.gov.uk site and services.  The site offers information about courses and financial support, data on labour market trends, and detailed information about occupations and is worth checking out.

‘My Next Step’ allows people to access a personal record of the qualifications they have achieved, their CV and organise their plans for learning and career development. The skills assessment tool on the site is an improved version of the previous tool on Careers Advice site (so anyone whose been on our recent courses and has a W2W Solutions jobsearch handbook needs to update the resources links).  It builds on skills, interests, styles and motivation and looks at practical skills to help people identify strengths and skills gaps, and decide what kind of skills or courses they need to gain to achieve their career goals.

The CV Builder tool is limited but isn't the worst we've ever seen.  Limitations in formatting and saving functions limit its use, but again, it's worth taking a look.

The updated site is definitely worth checking out and should really become a key resource for welfare to work providers to use with all clients.

Visit: www.nextstep.direct.gov.uk


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