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New Ofsted Reports

Last week Ofsted published a number of reports for inspections and monitoring visits conducted under the new framework.  Many of these are WBL inspections and monitoring visits, and there aren't many relating to welfare to work and adult skills inspections, but the reports are well worth a look.

Some of those recently published include:

  • Norfolk County Council (Workstep)
  • Lifeskills Solutions Ltd
  • PGL Travel Ltd
  • Employment Needs Training Agency (ENTA) - monitoring
  • Hertfordshire County Council (ACL)
  • TNG (Avanta) - monitoring visit
  • Mymar Training Ltd
  • Greater Merseyside Learning Providers' Federation Limited
  • Aspire-I Limited, Bradford

The monitoring reports are a similar format to previous versions.  The main reports no longer list strengths and areas for improvement.  However, the bullet points are more detailed than the original judgements so if you don't want to read the rest of the report you will have a better idea of what inspectors found.  You can still read more detail further in the report which does expand on the initial summary.

So what's happening with those limiting grades?

Providers who are achieving a satisfactory grade on safeguarding are undertaking CRB checks, providing training for their staff (or planning it) and learners feel safe and secure.  Another provider achieved a good grade for safeguarding with CRB checking, well maintained central register, senior staff having designated responsibility for safeguarding, comprehensive training for staff and links with the Local Children’s Safeguarding Board. Check out the Lifeskills Solutions Ltd report to see how they did it. 

Remember that many WBL providers will be further down the safeguarding road than welfare to work, but they are setting the benchmark against which you will be judged so take the opportunity to learn from their experience and good practice.

The focus on Equality & Diversity is varied but it is clear that a few posters dotted around a training centre and a session in induction will not be sufficient to achieve a satisfactory grade.  There is slightly more focus on the differences between groups and it is clear that providers are expected to identify and take action to improve on areas of inequality.  Already we are seeing religion and other demographics (learning and physical needs) being cited for providers who have achieved a good grade in this area.  So if you haven't yet sorted your equality monitoring then get the systems up and running now and think carefully about what you need to be monitoring.  

There also seems to be particular comments around staff demographic and learner demographic reflecting the wider community.  So if yours don't then you need to be thinking about why this is and see if there's anything you can do to improve.  It may be that the awareness and action is more important than achieving an ideal world reflection, but we'll keep an eye on this and let you know if we think the mood is changing.

Also think about getting your clients involved in developing your strategy to promote equality and diversity issues - they're the ones that will help you achieve a good grade, so get them involved.   Lifeskills Solutions Ltd achieved an outstanding grade in this area in their recent inspection.  You need to go the extra mile to achieve this, so many congratulations to them.

If you need any support with self assessment (training or support), safeguarding (policy or training delivery) or developing other systems and procedures then give us a call or complete our on line contact form.


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