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New National Improvement Strategy

The Learning and Skills Improvement Service have recently published the new National Improvement Strategy (NIS), which has been produced following wide consultation with the learning and skills sector.  

The NIS provides an overarching framework to enable everyone working in learning and skills to take greater ownership of their organisation’s improvement.  A set of core principles have been developed around self-improvement and self regulation.  These will be the focus for all relevant support activities provided by LSIS and the partners on the National Improvement Partnership Board (NIPB) and will also feature within funding strategies.


The principles are:


  1. Every single provider activity is directed towards providing each learner with just what they need.
  2. Each board (or equivalent) takes full responsibility for all aspects of the performance of its organisation. 
  3. A restless search to do better is firmly embedded in the culture of every single provider.
  4. Every single member of staff is a professional - they own what they do and take pride in it.
  5. The greatest effective use is made of sector expertise.  We like this one!
  6. Effective collective advice from providers is given to government on all aspects of learning and skills policy development and implementation.


An online directory of services is being developed (available end of September 2009) to show how support provided by organisations on the NIPB can be accessed.  This is a bit disappointing for small private companies who don’t have the level of resource that LSIS, LLUK, QCA, NIACE and the other partners have, so a plea from us "small but good” private companies - don't forget we can also provide fantastic support with your continuous improvement!


LSIS have also published Strategic Ambitions, a document describing their work over the next few years.  This document is a result of LSIS’s consultation with the sector about its strategic direction and priorities.  The document outlines the mission, vision, values and priorities of LSIS, as well as a summary of the programmes and services currently available and financial and governance information.


You can download the documents below or visit the LSIS website.



National Improvement Strategy

Please click the PDF logo to download the NIS.

LSIS Strategic Ambitions 2009

Please click the PDF logo to download the Ambitions document.

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