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New Industry, New Jobs, but what's new?

A strategic plan to invest in Britain's economic and industrial future was launched by the Government yesterday. "Building Britain's Future - New Industry, New Jobs" identifies key areas on which the government needs to focus to prepare for the upturn, and the need to keep “investing in growth and jobs so as to speed recovery and build the manufacturing and services we need for the future”.

The paper outlines how the government will:

  • adapt and strengthen Britain’s general competitiveness policies in critical areas like innovation, skills, finance, infrastructure and access to global markets;
  • use its role and influence in the market in a new and more strategic way;
  • use a new approach to targeted interventions to ensure that Britain continues to retain and develop strengths in high-value areas of global growth or rapid and fundamental technological change.

But what does this really mean. Is there anything new in this 40 page document?

Well frankly, no! The paper mentions Employment & Skills Boards, Skills Funding Agency, Solutions for Business portfolio, Digital Britain review, Regional Development Agencies and a host of other existing initiatives. Aside from the odd new review there really doesn’t seem to be much to really get excited about. Unfortunately the content of the document doesn’t really live up to the title.

The press release does state that “Some proposals are new, some are about reforms underway but needing to be given new impetus in response to the scale of current challenges.”   

As the saying goes, the devil is in the detail ... so maybe we should wait to see what the devil does before making further judgements. And as usual, don’t believe the hype!

Click here to visit the BERR website for the full press release.  


New Industry, New Jobs

Click the logo to download the policy paper on Building Britain's Future.

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