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New Identity Cards

The Identity and Passport Service is launching two new identity cards which you may come across in the future and which may be helpful in confirming the identity of customers (or potential employees).  This particularly rings a bell for FND as the onus is now on the provider to confirm identity.

The new cards are part of the rollout of the National Identity Service and are initially being launched in Greater Manchester but will be available to everyone in the UK in the future.

The identify cards are:

  • The National Identity Card is for British citizens (can be used in place of a passport for EEA travel and proves the person has a right to work in the UK).
  • The Identification Card is for European Economic Area and Swiss nationals who live in the UK (identification only and cannot be used for travel).
  • The Identity Card for Foreign Nationals launched in November 2008 (gives information on immigration status, entitlements and restrictions on working or claiming public funds and details of right to work in the UK).

From 2012, every British citizen over 16 will be able to apply for an identity card.

Business Link have developed a free business pack for employers which may be helpful.  Visit their website for more information and to apply for a free pack.


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