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National Skills Academy for Social Care

This week saw the launch of the National Skills Academy for Social Care.  This is the 13th Skills Academy to be established and will help up to 1.5 million adult social care workers improve their skills.

The employer-led Skills Academy is being designed to complement existing organisations within the sector, identifying gaps, transforming provision and promoting excellence in skills development, learning support and training practice in social care.  The Academy will:

  • Identify and distribute information and knowledge about best practice.
  • Raise the ambitions of the social care workforce so that social care services aspire to and provide excellence.
  • Enable people using services and carers to be trained and supported to contribute to training and learning development for the workforce.
  • Work with training providers to enable them to train and develop staff.
  • Boost the profile and image of social care so that people want to work in the sector, and those who do are given status, respect and career opportunities.

It will play a key role in implementing the Adult Social Care Workforce Strategy and has already introduced a National Management Trainee Scheme to attract executives of the future into the adult social care workforce.  A one-year course for 20 graduates is being hosted by 20 employers across England and is designed for current graduates from a range of disciplines.  It also plans to increase the take-up of apprenticeships at both foundation and advanced levels for young people and adults and to drive up numbers of adults qualified to at least NVQ level 2 and level 3.  

£6 m of LSC funding will be provided over the first three years. 

Visit the Social Care Skills Academy website for more information. 




Note - the current Skills Academies are Manufacturing, Construction, Financial Services, Food and Drink Manufacturing, Nuclear, Process Industries, Hospitality, Creative and Cultural Skills, Sport & Active Leisure, Retail and Materials, Production & Supply, Enterprise and Social Care.


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