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National NGIWE and Mentoring Contracts

This week DWP have posted two opportunities to tender to of Backing Young Britain campaign one for Non-Graduate Internships and Work Experience Placements and the other for mentoring.

In both cases a single contract is being awarded through a one stage tendering process (about time) for the whole of Great Britain, including Scotland and Wales.   We love the fact that DWP had to clarify that, like we wouldn't know what Great Britain was!  For those of you who don't know, a simple explanation is that Britain is England and Wales (something to do with Romans and Britannia), Great Britain is England, Wales and Scotland and the UK is Northern Ireland plus Great Britain.  

Contracts start in January 2010 and are until places run out or as shown below.

Supplier events for both contracts will be held on 10 November 2009 at the Novotel, Sheffield Centre and anyone interested needs to complete the registration form on the DWP website.

NGIWE  Yes they really have given it that acronym! 

This contract is for 10,000 non-graduate internships and 3,000 work experience placements for JSA customers aged 18-21, with funding available until 30 June 2011. Further details of eligibility and how this fits in with the new JSA regime and FND is detailed in the specification.

Internships last up to 13 weeks and are really aimed at plugging gaps on CVs and proving that the client can benefit an organisation through the skills they acquire.  Work experience is about clients understanding what is involved in being in employment and will last 2 weeks. 

A national brokering service is needed to recruit employers who would be willing to take young people for a work experience placement or internship; to assist them in making an appropriate choice; and to manage their experience.

Is it just us or does this just seem like a New Deal voluntary/ETF option with a commercial twist?  Lets hope FND providers don't lose out with their placement and work experience opportunities!


Mentoring is for 18-24 year olds who are on JSA and will be available from day one of their claim.  10,000 mentoring places are being sought with the last intake being on 31 March 2011 to ensure clients can enter a six month mentoring relationship.  The contractor will need to:

  • Co-ordinate a national network of mentors 
  • Provide a recruiting and training programme for new mentors
  • Vet mentors
  • Provide a brokering service to match customers to a mentor in their geographic area
  • Provide support for Mentors 
  • Gather and provide management information

A couple of interesting points in the specification are that the mentor will need to explore the training, qualifications, skills and experiences the client needs in order to increase their likelihood of a successful application and improve upon the customer’s CV.  Phase three involves among other things the mentor keeping track of the customer’s activity in order to follow up at later sessions.

As the provider will have to show capacity to offer 10,000 places nationwide, partnership working is going to be a must and involvement of employers or professionals would possibly go down quite well!

Good luck to one an all.  Get those partnerships sorted quick!


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