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More Ideas on the Work Programme

Yesterday saw the launch of the next set of questions in the "tell us what you think" saga of the Work Programme.  This time round the questions cover:

  • Efficiencies
  • Customers
  • Implementation

The questions themselves are quite difficult ones:

  • On the efficiencies they are looking at DWP streamlining it's processes and want to know if anyone has any lessons learned on how they can approach this.  With the catastrophe known as PRaP we'd tend to adopt the "please don't try and streamline it" approach!
  • For customers the question is how DWP can support providers to deliver the Work Programme without prescribing a standard programme.

The easiest question, or the one that may elicit the most responses/comments, is around implementation.  This one made us laugh, particularly bearing in mind the challenging timescales that most welfare to work contracts have between contract award and go live.  This question is:

Rolling out The Work Programme nationally in such a short space of time may pose a variety of challenges for providers, including financial, infrastructure and operational, for example information technology, management information and TUPE.  How can DWP support you to overcome implementation challenges? 

How indeed!

This round of questions closes on Friday 13 August 2010 so even if you haven't got time to write the novel you wish you could, make sure you add your two pennyworth.  

We were quite disappointed in the level of feedback on the first two questions.  This is a major change to the industry and we would encourage the countless thousands of people who work in it to have their say while they can.  Click here to go to the thought sharing page.


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