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More competition for work placements

Chris Grayling yesterday announced "a new scheme" for 18-21 year olds to be able to undertake up to eight weeks work experience rather than the two weeks they can currently do before losing benefits.  Hardly "a new scheme" but a welcome boost for any young person wanting to get a bit more experience.  No idea when it is coming into effect though.

There are apparently going to be "specialist staff" in Jobcentres who are going to find "the best" opportunities with employers. Yet more competition for a saturated work experience market place.

This is the latest idea to get people into work before they are eligible for the Work Programme.  Any 18-21 year old who has already had the opportunity to do two months work before they reach the Work Programme are likely to be the harder to help customers.  So how many more hurdles does Mr Grayling wish to put in the way of providers achieving the minimum performance requirements for the Work Programme?!  And no, Mr G ... that isn't a challeng!

And finally, David Frost of the British Chambers of Commerce has the award for most obvious statement of the week: "Employers will be key to getting young people into work."  :)



25 January 2011 

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