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Mistaken Identity - W2WJobs

Many of you will have received emails recently from W2WJobs – a new website offering low cost advertising for employers and jobseekers in the welfare to work industry. 

In light of a number of conversations with delegates at the Welfare to Work conference on 16 June, we would like to advise our customers that W2W Solutions do NOT own, and are in no way affiliated with W2WJobs

We have however received some positive feedback about the response rate on jobs advertised, and the value for money offered by W2WJobs.  And there are many people wishing they’d got to the name first!  Obviously, we think it’s a great name .... but it isn’t us!  The only thing we share with them are three (rather important) letters in our name.

Just thought we’d better set the record straight.  If we decide to venture into other areas of work we’ll let you know here in our latest news! 

You can find details about W2WJobs in our Supplier Directory, and we wish them every success with their new venture.

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