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Minimum Wage Debate

Donald Hirsch (Head of Income Studies at Loughborough University) recently published an article regarding increasing the minimum wage.  His proposal to increase the NMW to £7.14 an hour (outside London) has created a lot of debate.  Click here to go to his latest posting on the subject on the Community Links blog.  

It's an interesting debate which led us to look at the Minimum Income Standard for Britain website makes for interesting reading.

This is an ongoing research programme to define the level of income needed to allow a minimum acceptable standard of living in Britain today.  The research is funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and is a collaboration between the Loughborough University and York University.  There are detailed lists of what goes into making up the minimum standards down to the level of twix's and toilet roll as well as rent and TV licence etc.  If you have a few minutes for a quick look you'll be able to see why this causes lots of debate. 

The website is quite a useful resource and could be used to create a number of activities to develop employability skills - research, communication etc.  The site has a useful Calculator to estimate what households should have as a minimum.  Welfare to Work staff may want to have a play with it before using it with clients as it is based on the publics' view of what a minimum standard and is not a Better Off in Work calculation tool.  And you won't be able to resist putting your own details in anyway so go and have a look!


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