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Merlin Update

Carley Consult have issued an update re the Merlin standard, announcing that the first phase of defining the criteria of the Merlin standard is complete and that the draft Merlin standard is now available on the DWP website.

The standard requires primed contractors to register for the standard, self assess themselves against the quite substantial criteria that has been developed, present evidence and then undergo self assessment by the Merlin assessors.  So getting through the approved supplier process, winning contracts and getting a good Ofsted inspection result won't be good enough for DWP ... there's another box to tick looming on the horizon! 

As quality consultants we support most initiatives that improve the quality of service that customers receive, but this does seem to be just another hoop that primes are going to have to jump through.  The draft does say that self assessment will be simple, but having looked through the criteria that you have to assess yourself against it could be a substantial piece of work. The standard is going to be trialled in FND Phase 1 areas from March 2010 so time will tell!

In the meantime, Carley Consult are inviting any questions about Merlin to be directed to info@carleyconsult.co.uk, or to DWP by emailing merlin.feedback@dwp.gov.uk 

Visit the DWP website for more info or download the draft standard by clicking here



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