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Mental Health & Employment

With the increase in ex IB clients coming through welfare to work programmes, and the increased focus on sustainability, it may be worth taking a look at the Working our way to better mental health framework - the first mental health and employment strategy which was launched on 7 December.

At the launch, Yvette Cooper said,

“The vast majority of people with mental health conditions work, but for some people it can be very hard to stay in a job. If people fall out of work and onto benefits it is even harder for them to get back into work as it can be a real knock to their confidence.

“We know that work is good for people and that’s why we want to give everyone the support they need to stay in a job, or get back to work. Today we are giving people with mental health conditions this support. We are also helping employers understand what they can do to help people stay in their jobs and manage their condition so that they don’t have to leave work and fall onto benefits at all.” 

The aim of the framework is to support people with mental health issues into work and help them stay in work, so it's very much linked to the work of welfare to work providers.  Part of the framework relates to the introduction of Work Choice and review of Access to Work, so it isn't all new stuff.  There are lots of initiatives and website links for you to explore though - so when you're on your next tea break spend a few minutes exploring.

There are three other papers which may also inspire:

Realising Ambitions: Better employment support for people with a mental health condition which looks at strengthening employment, health and wider state support to help people with mental conditions on out-of-work benefits.

Work, Recovery and Inclusion - plan to support people in contact with secondary mental health services into work.

New Horizons: A shared vision for mental health - sets out a new approach to improve people’s quality of life and well-being, and the quality and accessibility of services for people with poor mental health.



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