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Mandatory Work Activity Regulations

The Social Security Advisory Committee has opened a public consultation for the Jobseeker’s Allowance (Mandatory Work Activity) Regulations 2011.  Interested parties have until 20 December to make representations to the Committee via email or in writing.  Click here for the press release and here for the PDF outlining the Regulation being considered.

The document gives far more detail than anything released to date about the Mandatory Work Activity.  Primarily:

  • Aimed at customers who fail to demonstrate the focus and discipline required to find, secure and retain employment.
  • Targeted at a small number of customers, encouraging them to engage with the conditionality requirements attached to JSA.
  • Can be used at any time during the claim (although most likely from 13 weeks onwards).
  • Will be delivered by external contractors who will provide a supervised environment including productive and meaningful tasks.
  • Bids will need to demonstrate benefits to the community.
  • For UP TO thirty hours a week and last for four consecutive weeks (previous information said UP TO four weeks).
  • Customers continue to receive JSA while participating.  
  • Travel expenses and other expenses will be paid by the provider.
  • Providers do not need to offer jobsearch provision - this will be provided by JCP.
  • To be introduced across Great Britain from April 2011 subject to a successful procurement process.
  • Sanctions - 13 weeks for first offence, 26 for second, 3 years for third (subject to  other legislation being approved).

So that's the low down.  Finally answers to questions!!


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