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Mandatory Work Activity Contracts

DWP have finally announced the results of the recent MWA bidding round. 

CPA CPA Name Preferred Bidder 
CPA1 South East JHP Group
CPA2 South West Rehab Group
CPA3 London Seetec
CPA4 East of England Seetec
CPA5 East Midlands Ingeus
CPA6 West Midlands ESG
CPA7 North West JHP Group
CPA8 Yorks & Humber   BEST
CPA9 North East Ingeus
CPA10 Scotland JHP Group
CPA11  Wales Rehab Group

In light of the fact the bids were awarded to the lowest bidder it was unlikely that any new names or smaller organisations would be seen in the final results, but still disappointing for all of those organisations who had a quality offering but were beaten on price by those able to finance the provision.  This is becoming a familar tale for DWP in 2011.  Let's hope this trend doesn't continue and DWP realise that value for money does not equate to cheap!


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