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Managing Well Being

This news story is aimed at all of you managers out there.  

Not only do you now have to achieve performance targets, manage with less resources, you have to make sure that you are looking after the psychological and emotional well being of your staff!  But don't despair, help is at hand.

Business in the Community has launched a suite of online resources to help line managers build their emotional wellbeing and that of the teams they manage to deal with work related stress and wider issues.  The materials are aimed at line managers working in a variety of situations and include six modules covering topics relevant to managing your team’s emotional wellbeing.  Modules include exercises, quizzes, scenarios and information as well as sign posting to other resources.  The modules take about 90 minutes to work through but at the current time, when an uncertain future lies ahead for many people it's possibly worth taking some time out of your own stressful day to see what help is available.

You can find the Managing Emotional Wellbeing materials at: www.managingemployeewellbeing.com/bitc

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