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LSIS Preparing for Inspection Workshops

LSIS and Ofsted have announced that from 1April 2009, LSIS will take over responsibility for delivering the Preparing for Inspection workshops, which give nominees and others information about the inspection process and the tools to prepare for an inspection.

The workshops will be offered on a rolling monthly basis in the Midlands, North and South.  They are currently accessible to adult and community learning, DWP, WBL and Train to Gain providers. LSIS intends to make workshops available to FE colleges in the future.
LSIS state that they will develop further, high quality and innovative content, providing attendees with the skills tofacilitate preparation for inspection within their own organisation. Ofsted Inspectors will continue to deliver individual workshops and draw on the experiences of speakers from the sector.  They will be redesigning the programme to align with the new inspectionarrangements due to be introduced by Ofsted in September 2009.
For information on forthcoming workshops, contact Kiron McDuff on 0207 929 8735 or by email at kiron.mcduff@lsis.org.uk or visit the website.

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