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Latest Work Programme Supply Chain Data

To coincide with a seemingly random story regarding voluntary sector involvement in the Work Programme last week, DWP quietly released an update to the Work Programme supply chain.

Our regular readers know that W2W Solutions does its best to make accessing this data as easy as possible, so please click here to download our updated spreadhseet.  Here you will find:

  • The DWP data release
  • An alphabetical list of the latest supply chain information, showing how many Tier 1 and Tier 2 contracts each organisation holds
  • A provider list showing the sector (voluntary, private, public) with totals showing to number of organisations and the number of subcontracts
  • A summary sheet totalling up the number of each type of organisation
  • A list showing the number of subcontracts issued within each CPA
  • A sheet showing the changes to subcontractor organisations between January and July 2012
  • A pivot table that you can use to do your own analysis.

When viewing comparative data, please note that the January data released by DWP was inaccurate.  There was a 5% error rate in the number of organisations listed (49 voluntary organisations), and DWP have not released a revised dataset.  It is impossible to identify which organisations have stopped subcontracting as part of the normal supply chain development and those that shouldn't have been listed in the first place.  Comparing the January and July data is therefore academic.

It is clear that DWP have completed a full and thorough review of the data.  The quality is 100% improved and we hope that this standard continues in the future.  Key headlines show:

  • 785 organisations hold Work Programme contracts/subcontracts
  • 191 organisations hold Tier 1 contracts only
  • 544 organisations hold Tier 2 contracts only
  • 50 organisations hold Tier 1 and Tier 2 contracts
  • 43% of Tier 1 suppliers are voluntary sector, 20% are public sector and 37% private sector

We hope you find the attached spreadsheet useful.

13 November 2012

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