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Latest Work Programme Supply Chain Data

DWP have released an updated list of Work Programme subcontractors in each region (as at January 2012).

A much improved format is available in Excel which makes the data far more accessible for those who like to find their own headlines! DWP themselves have completed some quick analysis of the type of subcontracors involved (public, private, voluntary sectors) and the comparsion with the August 2011 figures.

According to their analysis the private sector has increased by 11 subcontractors since August, the public sector by 4 and the voluntary sector dropped by 8.

Unfortunately there hasn't been enough quality assurance on DWP's part.  We found 13 instances where the organisation type for the same organisation differed eg Probation being shown as public sector on one line and voluntary sector on another; Sanctuary Housing shown as private sector on one line, voluntary on another.  TBG learning is listed as voluntary sector but is actually a subsidiary trading company for Rehab and isn't a charity in their own right. This raises the question as to whether such companies should be listed as private sector.  There are also problems with the spelling of organisation names (some having multiple spellings listed).

Our team has therefore tidied up the data into a more usable format and corrected the 13 errors we found in the organisation type. There may be other errors as highlighted above and we may not have de-duplicated all organisation entries, but for anyone who wants to tinker with the data, this will hopefully give you a head start. Two pivot tables have been set up already for you to use (Working Sheets).  You can easily find a subcontractor to identify which area they are working in and which prime they are subcontracting to.

Our analysis shows there are 16 less voluntary sector subcontractors than DWP think there are.  47% of organiations involved are voluntary sector, but only 43% of voluntary sector subcontractors hold Tier 1 contracts.  The voluntary sector is 3% more likely to hold just Tier 2 contracts than a private sector organisation, although the data shows the distribution is fairly even.

The next step is for DWP to continue producing this data in Excel (enabling us to eaily compare the next release), but also to address the quality issues with their base data.  For some more meaningful analysis it would be great to know how many referrals each of the subcontractors has had, as while the split between voluntary sector and private/public subcontractors may be comparable, unless they are receiving similar levels of referrals then the number of contracts is incidental. 

Click here to download our spreadsheet (DWP original data included).  Happy analysing.


5 March 2012


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