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Latest Train to Gain Survey Results

The LSC have published the findings of their latest Train to Gain survey of employers and employees. 

This comes on the back of the LSC announcement a week or so back that the budget for Train to Gain will increasefrom £797 millionto over £1 billion in 2010-11, to support 1.4 million learners in the current and next financial year (100,000 more than detailed in the most recent grant letter), with SMEs at the fore front of the drive for increased training. 
As 78% of employers surveyed would be likely or very likely to use Train to Gain in the future, that’s a good job! There is no evidence through the survey that the economic downturn is having a negative effect on employer training activity, and with increased subsidies it is unlikely that demand will reduce.
The latest survey took place between January and March this year via a telephone survey of 3,750 employers who were initially in contact with a Skills Broker between May and October 2008. Key findings are:
  • 42% of those surveyed had taken up some training through Train to Gain and overall 61% had committed to training.
  • A third of employers that take up training, arrange additional training through Train to Gain within the subsequent 12 months. 
  • There has been a slight increase in employees taking up Level 3 training opportunities.
  • 70% of employers who previously provided staff training, accessed Train to Gain for staff that had not already received training, and also trained more staff than they would have done otherwise.
  • 66% of participating employers believe the training is contributing to improved long-term competitiveness.
  • 61% stated training had improved productivity, and 53% that it had improved staff retention.
  • 94% of employers who had completed or were undertaking training were satisfied with the service they received from their training provider (similar to previous surveys). Those who were dissatisfied cited lack of contact; training not being as requested, too simple or generic, or disorganised; and training not being beneficial.
The benefits to the learner are also clear:
  • 80% of employers taking part noted increased self-confidence of their employees.
  • 74% noted improvement in job-related skills and performance in their work role (74 per cent)
But then all of those providers who are doing a great job, already knew that! 
To download the full reports, visit the Latest Publication area of the LSC website

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