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Labour - return of the Future Jobs Fund?

At a youth conference on jobs in Coventry today, Ed Miliband will announce that under a Labour government unemployed 18-24 year olds will be required to do a minimum of 25 hours a week of paid work for six-months or lose their right to benefit.

Under the scheme, the government would pay the young person's wage (minimum wage) for six months while the employer would be expected to cover the training and development of the young person for a minimum of 10 hours a week, representing a total of 35 hours commitment. Anyone on the scheme would also be required to undertake an intensive job search.

The £600m funding for the scheme would come from Labour's planned tax on bank bonuses.

The announcement really amounts to a relaunch of the Future Jobs Fund which Labour heralds as one of their great triumphs, and which is widely seen as a very successful initiative.  The requirement for training and jobsearch will see a tightening up of this aspect of FJF, which is one element that possibly didn't feature as strongly as it should.  The announcement comes just as the furore around 'slave labour' of the Work Experience programme and Mandatory Work Activity provision is dying down.  The cynical among you may see this as an opportunity to fan those flames a bit, and its clear that Ed Miliband has learned from the coalition's recent experience.

While there is likely to be criticism that a year of unemployment for a young person is a year too long, this move is likely to be welcomed, particularly by advocates of the Future Jobs Fund.


16 March 2012

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