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Labour Market Statistics - Unemployment Going Up

The LMS data for June 2009 has now been released. The opening paragraph is again quite dismal:

  • The number of unemployed people, the unemployment rate and the claimant count have
  • increased.
  • The employment rate and the number of employed people have fallen.
  • There are fewer vacancies.
  • There are more inactive people of working age and the inactivity rate is up.
  • Earnings growth, excluding bonuses, has fallen. Earnings growth, including bonuses, has increased.
Unemployment in the three months to June was 7.8%, a rise of 0.7% in the last quarter and up 2.4% on June 2008. This is an increase of 220,000 people in the quarter and 750,000 in the year. This is still lower than the EU rate of 8.9% and Eurozone of 9.4%. The USA seems to be the only nation that is moving in the right direction with a decrease of 0.1% in their unemployment rate in the last month.
The regional unemployment rates vary quite a lot:
North East                                       9.8
North West                                      8.5
Yorkshire & the Humber               8.8
East Midlands                                7.3
West Midlands                               10.6
East                                                  6.5
London                                            8.9
South East                                      5.9
South West                                     6.4
England                                           7.9
Wales                                               7.6
Scotland                                          7.0
Great Britain                                  7.8
Northern Ireland                            6.7
United Kingdom                            7.8
The claimant count was 1.58 million in July 2009 (4.9%), an increase of 24,900 on the previous month (0.1%) and 709,000 (2.2%) on the previous year.
There has been a drop of 26,000 vacancies in the last quarter, although there were still 427,000 job vacancies in the three months to July 2009. The majority of vacancies are in the Education, health & public admin sector with Distribution, hotels & restaurants also remaining high.
Redundancies remain high with 277,000 people being made redundant in the quarter to June, although this is down 9,000 from the previous quarter. Finance and business services were the biggest losers with Transport & Communication sector fairing the best.
Visit the Office of National Statistics to download the latest First Release and access regional versions of the data. 

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