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JSA Skills Conditionality Pilot Report

DWP have published the evaluation of the JSA Skills Conditionality Pilots where JSA customers would be mandated to participate in training to meet identified skills needs.

This is sadly the latest in a line of damning reports which call into question the ability of JCP to communicate effectively, train their staff, the suitability of the LMS system, and even to run a consistent and viable pilot programme.  Could this be the latest nail in the JCP coffin?

Key points from the report include:

  • More than half the individuals were found in their basic skills screening to not have a potential skills need.
  • Nearly one-fifth of people had an incorrectly set pilot marker and some were not always assigned to the Test or Control group in the way they should have been.
  • Only two-fifths of people were actually referred to training, which defeats the entire object of the pilot.
  • LMS was meant to be linked to the customers' ILR to provide data re training, but this wasn't possible so the data is flawed.
  • Formal guidance and training was not given to JCP staff - any communication was largely informal.
  • JCP staff were too busy to refer people and others didn't like the pilot rules so made their own up!
  • Many claimants would have taken up the training, whether it was mandated or not, to improve their employment prospects.

Another evaluation that doesn't make good reading for JCP.

Click here to download the report from the DWP website.


29 August 2011 

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