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JCP Pathways to Work

DWP have released the latest statistics regaring the JCP led Pathways to Work.  We're sure we aren't alone in thinking that July 2009 is hardly current data and it is a pretty poor show that this is the best that DWP can come up with, but we'll work with what we have.

There is nothing particularly astonishing in the figures released.  

The headlines are that there were:

  • 1,297,700 starts to Pathways to Work, for 945,920 individuals  
  • 198,990 job entries for 154,820 individuals (to April 2009)

In our book this makes 16% of individuals starting work.  So for those cynics who complain about private training providers being given money to help people back to work, and who profess that JCP can do a better job ... maybe a rethink is needed!


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