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Is Train to Gain running out of money?

So now it appears that Train to Gain is just too successful.  Ever feel like you can't win?!

Earlier this week the Guardian picked up on a story that Train to Gain is running out of money.  However, this story had already been made public by the LSC on 1April in a news update on Managing demand in Train to Gain and 25+ Apprenticeships.

The LSC are being quite open about the issue and have acknowledged that the increasing use and demand for Train to Gain is a testament to the work of providers.  They do however state that:

"left unchecked, Train to Gain and 25+ Apprenticeship activity will exceed the budget allocations we have available in the 2009-10 financial year and create further pressures in future years. The LSC will take action now to agree with colleges and training providers who offer high quality provision against agreed priorities, contracts that enable growth in Train to Gain and Apprenticeships to continue, but within the levels of investment we have available."

The LSC are working with providers to manage expectations within maximum contract values already in place, but have given assurance that "sufficient levels of provision will be available to employers and learners across the whole of the year."  They are also working with DIUS to ensure the Train to Gain remains a sustainable provision.  As Train to Gain is a core part of future skills development, it would be difficult for the government NOT to put in the funding needed to meet demand (although stranger things have happened!)

As is often the case the media focus is on colleges, even though this affects all Train to Gain providers.  And as is often the case the spin is negative.  So if anyone would like to share some positive experiences on the subject, then please let us know and we'll try and provide a balance to the doom and gloom!

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