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Involving Learners in Programme Development

Regular readers will know we keep pushing the learner involvement activities for welfare to work and adult learning and skills providers. As the latest Ofsted Common Inspection Framework is implemented there is an even more pressing need to develop this aspect of your provision - irrespective of the fact that its good practice!

As LSC providers have developed and implemented their own strategies for a couple of years now, the LSC recently published an evaluation of the impact of learner involvement strategies on learners’ experience and success across the sector.

As a result there are now examples of good practice which demonstrate the benefits of involving learners in developing policy, processes and systems.  Learner involvement has led to increased satisfaction, achievement and success as well as improving the learning experience and overall achievement.

LSIS has produced complementary guidance for providers which is a useful starting point for those of you now developing your own strategies.

The LSC Evaluation is available from their website.  

LSIS guidance for is available on the excellence gateway for WBL providers and ACL providers

If anyone has any good practice or successes they would like to share, please get in touch.

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