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IEP Communications

The Institute of Employment Professionals (IEP) was established this summer as a professional body for the employment-related services sector. As membership of the IEP grows it has become apparent that the pace of communication needs to keep up with the membership.

With just a small team to administer and promote the organisation, the IEP is looking to its members for support, and has sent out a request for members to join a Communications Group to better respond to members' needs. They are looking for members who are able to commit at least an hour a week to take forward activities such as:

  • writing articles, news story, blogs etc for the IEP website and newsletter
  • collating best practice and sharing this on the website
  • gathering Top Tips from members, such as dealing with difficult customers, addressing difficult issues or barriers, communicating effectively with customers and stakeholders, and publishing these on the website
  • researching useful websites to share with members
  • gathering resources from members that can be published in the Members Area of the website  

The Communications Group will initially be looking at:

  • the information IEP should be communicating.
  • the best methods of communicating with members.
  • the most appropriate frequency and format of "regular" contact.
  • how the facilities of the Members Area of the website can be used o maximise communication.
  • the role of social media.

In order to join the group you need to be a paid up member of the IEP (fees starting from just £30 pa).  Anyone interested in joining the Communications Group should email membership@iemployability.org.  A discussion has also been added to the Forum in the Members Area of the IEP website so that members can share their views on the above topics.

W2W Solutions' Stephanie Barlow MIEP has volunteered to facilitate the Communications Group to help drive along this area of work with IEP and sends out a plea to all members to think about how they can get involved in creating a real community that reflects the pride and passion of those working in the sector.

Click here to find out more about the Institute of Employability Professionals, including how to become a member.

16 November 2012

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