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HOT TOPIC - Ofsted Inspection Framework

Ofsted have released the Common inspection framework for further education and skills 2009.

The release states that it is based on the common evaluation schedule and sets out the judgements inspectors will make during inspection.  The document that has been released is only a summary of the key features of the full common inspection framework, which doesn't appear to have been published yet. 

The final Handbook for the inspection of further education and skills from September 2009 will contain:


  • Guidance for inspectors and providers on the preparation for, and conduct of, inspections.
  • The full common inspection framework and guidance on how it will be used by inspectors to award the main and contributory grades.

We haven't had time to read through the summary document and compare it to the old version, so will digest it over the next few days to bring you the highlights.  We aren't sure it gives us that much that is new, but every bit of information helps.  And if you can't wait for us to look through it and want to see it for yourself ... click here.


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