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Headline Unemployment Facts

The latest Labour Market Statistics released today paint a slightly optimistic picture of employment data.  Key facts are:

  • Increase of 21,000 in the number of unemployed people in this quarter - smallest since March-May 2008.
  • Unemployment remains at 7.9%.
  • Unemployment for 18-24 year olds is 18.4%.
  • 53,000 more people are in employment this quarter compared to last (although the per cent remains unchanged).
  • Fall in the umber of people claiming JSA in November by 6,300 - the first monthly fall in the claimant count since February 2008.
  • Increase in the number of vacancies this quarter by 1,000 (although you'd expect that as seasonal vacancies would be included in this).

There are still predictions that unemployment will rise next year, but things are looking less gloomy than they were.  No consolation if you work for many of the companies that are making redundancies this month but ...

Click here to access the latest regional statistics so you can see what is happening at your local level.  Well worth looking at as there are major variations between different local authority and parliamentary constituencies in the same geographical area.


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