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Grayling & Freud Speeches

The full details of the "speeches" given by Chris Grayling and David Freud to providers last week are available on the DWP website so for those of you who have only heard rumours and inuendo ... read on!

The freedoms suggested by Chris Grayling are going to be difficult for DWP to deal with.  A specification that says: we'll send you x people, do what you want with them for the next 5 or more years ... could be interesting.  It could also be challenging for providers who are entrenched in the long established vagaries of DWP delivery to come up with innovative and successful approaches to deal with the complex needs of the client group.  It could also be an opportunity to make a difference!

David Freud promises "a fair rate ... set by outcomes, not by input."  We all know about the move towards sustainability being the main payment for delivery, but the fair rate will be interesting.  

The fear is still for smaller providers who are already being bought up by larger organisations.  The government wants companies with the scale and capital to take on the challenge ... or those that are able to absorb the risk.  Obviously more providers have been collaborating on the FND, PEP, Community Task Force and other programmes currently being contracted, so it isn't that far away from the route the industry is taking.  But the fact that the issue of consortia was highlighted by David Freud means that you cannot take this development lightly or slowly!

Interestingly Tomorrows People were cited by Chris Grayling as a "big player".  

More news out in the next couple of days (allegedly), so watch this space. 

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