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Government Defends Train to Gain

On 16 January 2009 the Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Committee published its First Report of Session 2008–09, Re-skilling for Recovery: After Leitch, implementing skills and training policies.  The Government have now responded (download the report below).
The response is a point by point comment on every recommendation made by the Committee, and while the findings were “welcomed”, there are a lot of disagreements. The main disagreement is around Train to Gain, which the Government have defended as “an extremely successful programme”. Their response makes it clear that this is a key and fundamental part of their future plans, with Apprenticeships and National Skills Academies (NSAs) also receiving a number of mentions. There is little new in the report but the profile given to Train to Gain leaves its future in no doubt.
Since April 2006, more that 100,000 employers have been engaged, supporting over 570,000 learners to begin learning with over 290,000 of those people already achieving a qualification.  The Government are planning to invest £925 million through Train to Gain in 200–10, to support around 950,000 learners.  By 2010–11, this will rise to over £1 billion.
The key findings from employer and learner evaluations of Train to Gain (see Annex 2 of the report below) show:
  • Employer satisfaction remains high: 93% of those who have accessed the programme have been satisfied with the training and training provider.
  • Effect on long term competitiveness of their business: 65% of employers say it has improved the long term competitive advantage of their business.
  • Satisfaction with the skills brokerage service remains high: 80% of employers currently using the brokerage service have been satisfied with the service received.
  • The percentage of employers who stated that they would be likely or very likely to use the Train to Gain service again in the future remains high: 77% would use the service again in the future.
  • The overall satisfaction of new learners with the quality of teaching they had experienced remains high (90%).
  • 45% of new learners during the last survey reported receiving better pay and approximately 35% reported being promoted as a result of their participation.
So for all of you Train to Gain providers who know you’re doing a good job ... keep up the good work!

Reskilling - Government Response

Click the PDF logo right to download the full government response to the IUSSC's report.

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