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Gateway to Work Resurrected?

Hot on the heels of the Derby Trailblazer for 18-24 year olds (which bears an uncanny resemblance to New Deal for Young People) we now have what appears to be Gateway to Work being raised from the ashes. The contract notice states:

The East and South East Scotland JCP District is looking to tender for a two-week, full-time motivational & confidence course including help and advice about jobsearch and the soft skills (communication, team working, timekeeping and self presentation) that employers tell us they look for in their employees. The provision is titled `Stairway to Work' (StW).  

The aims of StW are: to increase participants motivation and confidence levels and raise self-esteem; 

  • to increase the numbers of participants moving from the Pre Work programme stage into jobs, and improve the immediate job prospects of all other participants;
  • to increase employability by developing effective workplace behaviours, attitudes and soft skills ie the qualities, attitudes and behaviours employers look for in potential recruits; 
  • to enable participants who do not find jobs immediately to be better prepared and aware of the Get Britain Working measures and local provision to make an appropriate choice of support to assist them back into the workplace; and, 
  • to support participants with money related issues including financial benefits to working, financial capability, in work benefits (including better off calculations), and debt management.

The course provision is to be delivered across the JCP District in 19 locations with 125 courses to be run in total over a 12 month period to 1500 participants.

The opportunity is available for interested parties on DWP's Bravo Solutions system, with a deadline for tenders of 6 December 2012.

15 November 2012


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