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From Competence to Excellence

Anything that seeks to raise skills levels of young people has to benefit everyone. That’s why the From Competence to Excellence (FCTE) programme is something to shout about. 

The programme offers one day expert classes for apprentices and vocational learners aged 16-23, allowing them to gain tuition from leading industry experts, employers and tutors. The programme seeks involvement from employers and training providers to deliver the expert classes, which are available in a range of five vocational areas:

  • Built Environment
  • IT and Business Administration
  • Cultural and Creative Arts
  • Engineering
  • Personal, Social and Hospitality
This covers areas from Aircraft Mechanic to Floristry; from Power Flushing a Heating System to Professional Restaurant Service. The aim is for the expert classes to provide a stepping stone to Skills Step classes, a series of free sessions which will be held in 2009.  The best candidates from these classes will be encouraged to compete in UK skills competitions and potentially go onto future WorldSkills events in Calgary 2009 and London in 2011.
During January and February 2009 the expert classes will be run across the country for 1200 learners. During March and April the Skills Steps classes will be delivered for 360 learners, and by May the potential WorldSkills 2011 competitors should be identified. So good luck to everyone involved.
Visit the FCTE website to find out what classes are running in your area and how to get involved (as an employer, provider, or learner). 

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