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Freud on the Other Side

It has been announced this weekend that David Freud is to join the opposition front bench Work & Pensions team, with rumours and speculation about him becoming shadow welfare minister after being put forward for a peerage. 

This raises lots of politically emotive questions about flexible New Deal, and the future of welfare reforms both in the government and for the Conservatives. We aim to remain neutral so won’t be fuelling this debate, but if you want to find out more about this story just search for David Freud defection in your search engine and you can while away a few hours!

There is one vitally important point about this story, that surpasses all others. Who came up with the idea of announcing this on Valentines Day?! 

There will definitely be more news about this later in the week when we are expecting official announcements and some entertaining days in the House of Commons!


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