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fND Transition Arrangements

Guidance has been issued by DWP to outline the transition from New Deal to fND in the Phase 1 areas (see below).  The current contracts in Phase 1 areas, will cease at the end of September 2009.

The main points are:

  • The last starts on Gateway period and on New Deal Options/IAP will be 29 June so that everyone can complete their provision by 25 September.
  • ND Gateway period will reduce from 16 weeks to a maximum of 10 weeks.
  • Only 13 week FTET courses will be available from 6 April (including FTET, BET and ESOL). We assume this also applies to IAP, although this isn’t actually specified in the guidance. 
  • All GtW courses will be completed by 4 September.
  • There will be no follow through provision after 6 April.

Clients already on Options prior to 6 April 2009 that will take them beyond 25 September must be identified by providers and JCP Third Party manager notified by 31 May 2009.

Clients who started Gateway prior to 6 April 2009 but are to start an option after 6 April 2009 can only undertake the shorter provision available (to a maximum of 13 weeks) during the transition period.

The guidance outlines the funding arrangements for this period.  Guidance for EZ and PSL areas is also available on the DWP website.


fND Transition Guide - April 09

Please click the logo to download the guide (also available on DWP website).

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