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fND Phase 2 - PQQ Results

Finally!  DWP have released details of the suppliers who have been successful at PQQ stage of Flexible New Deal Stage 2 and the Contract Package Areas they have been invited to tender in.

56 organisations have been shortlisted for 14 contract areas (23 contracts).  A handful of shortlisted organisations have been invited to tender in all contract areas:

  • EDS
  • Ingeus (formerly Work Directions)
  • Seetec

Reed in Partnership have been shortlisted in all but two areas and a number of other organisations will be busy bid writing in eight or nine of the fourteen areas (A4E, Remploy, Sarina Russo, Serco, Working Links). 

While the “to be expected” organisations are in the list we are pleased to congratulate Twin Training International for being shortlisted in North and North East London, and Paragon International Concord for South London. There is also other new name on the list Barnun Employment Solutions.  It’s great to see some new names in with the usual suspects and we wish them luck in taking forward this opportunity. 

There has obviously been lots of consortium building with Paragon, Wise CDG Ltd, Mancom and Links In 2 Work all having an email contact that is related to another key organisation. This could cause identity problems! Wise CDG Ltd appear to be bidding against CDG in the same area, but that seems to be taking competition a bit far so we aren’t sure if this is totally accurate.

Other keynotes are:

  • The largest contract at £52 million is in City & East London (15 organisations are competing for this). Merseyside is next at £39 million (23 are competing here). Cheshire & Warrington is the smallest at £6 million. The smallest contract in the south is North & North East London at £12 million.
  • ESG have been selected to bid in a handful of areas in this round.
  • Skills Training UK have been selected to bid in West London.
  • Wise Group are key challengers North of the border (and slightly South of it) with only a handful of providers willing to venture into Scotland.

But how will the conservative welfare to work announcements affect the bidding? Only time will tell.

Good luck to all involved, and if you need any support with the quality aspect of your bid, developing structures to manage continuous improvement and meet Ofsted standards, or develop ISO9001 compliant systems, then drop us a line!

Oh - and if you are interested in working with the prime contractors you have to complete the Standard Information Sharing Template on the DWP web site and submit it to the prime contractor.


fND Phase 2 Shortlist

Click the PDF logo to download the "successful at PQQ stage list" showing the areas in which organisations have been invited to tender.

fND Phase 2 - Contract Values

Click the PDF logo to download a table showing the value of each contract area - largest to smallest.

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