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FND & Support Contract Sub-contractor Lists

W2W Solutions submitted a Freedom of Information request to gain a list of sub-contractors in each contract package area for all the current FND phase 1 contracts and Jobcentre Plus Support programme.

We've had some success, but not the full result.  You will find below the list of proposed sub-contractors for both of these contracts but DWP said:

Please note that the listed sub-contractors were proposed by the successful providers and the lists are not definitive.   The Department’s commercial relationship is with the prime contractor, and sub-contract arrangements may change throughout the life of a contract.  Any arrangements that may be made will of course be a commercial matter between the organisations involved. DWP will however require evidence that all potential partners and sub-contractors are aware of their roles and that they have agreed the proposed arrangements.

We don't quite see why a proposed list is any less commercial than the current list!  So this isn't going to be 100% accurate as we know there have been changes between contract negotiations and launch, but at least it puts a bit more information in the public arena.


FND Phase 1 Subcontractors

Please click the PDF logo to download the list.

JCP Support Contract Subcontractors

Please click the PDF logo to download the list.

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