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Families with Multiple Problems

In light of the ESF for Families ITT, the welfare to work sector has a growing interest in the needs of families with multiple problems.  A couple of news update that organisations bidding for this contract should be aware of are:

  • Community Budgets will be rolled out to another 50 areas by April 2012 with interested Local Authorities submitting their requests to DCLG by early September.
  • Two pilot areas will develop a neighbourhood-level Community Budget and another two areas will bring together ALL funding on local public services into a single pot.  The prospectus for the pilots will be issued early September.
  • Social Impact Bond pilots launched in Hammersmith & Fulham, Westminster, Birmingham and Leicestershire are aimed at tackling multiple problems in a family setting.

There is a lot happening on this agenda which will be closely followed by all providers bidding for the ESF for Families contracts.


31 August 2011

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