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Fair Treatment at Work

Anthony Young, minister for employment relations, and Ian Rutherford of BIS, met employers this week to discuss the findings of the Fair Treatment at Work Report report and look at how businesses can help staff become more aware of their employment rights and how to deal with problems that may arise. 

The report, produced by Employment Market Analysis and Research (EMAR) team of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), analyses the results of a survey conducted between September and December 2008 (don't ask us why it's taken a year to publish - it's just exasperating!) of over 4000 employees.  The survey was conducted through "face-to-face interviews with a representative population .... with a response rate of 57 per cent".  We can't quite make out if this means 43 per cent of people refused to be interviewed, they were interviewed but refused to answer direct questions or what!  But we digress ....

The thrust of the report is that a small number of people didn't know what their employment rights were and don't know where to find support.  34% had experienced a problem in the workplace around employment rights, unfair treatment, discrimination, bullying and harassment.  The survey also found that there was an increase in the number of people thinking they have rights when this isn't the case!

As providers are aiming to achieve long term sustainability in employment outcomes, particularly with FND, they have a vested interest in ensuring clients remain in employment and in providing support to them and their employers.  On the back of this report we would strongly recommend that providers create training modules that help prepare their clients for the world of work

In our experience there has historically been a lack of this type of training and awareness within welfare to work delivery.  Also remember that Ofsted will also be looking at clients developing knowledge of equality and diversity and health and safety within the workplace, so if you haven't factored this type of training into your current delivery maybe this report will provide the prompt you need.  While hours of participation under FND are flexible it is important to remember that there is still a range of key information that needs to be imparted to your clients, the above being just one aspect.

If you'd like some support with developing some client focused training packages in the above areas then click here.

Fair Treatment at Work

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