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ERSS Framework Results

The day we have been waiting for has arrived.  The ERSS Framework results have been released, bringing the mobile phone network, broadband and the DWP website grinding to a halt!

We’ve updated our original spreadsheet to show the areas organisations bid for and which they were successful in which we hope you’ll find useful.  Click here.  Some of the headlines are as follows:

55 of the 91 organisations or consortia that submitted bids for the ERSS Framework were unsuccessful.  These included a wide number of consortia and recruitment organisations trying to get into the welfare to work sector as well as established providers such as Ixion.

On average, 33% of bids were successful.  The North East only awarded framework contracts to 23% of bidders. Yorks & Humber and the South West were the best Lots to go for with 41% and 43% of bidders being successful.

The average success rate for organisations accepted onto the framework was 57% of their tenders.  Notable exceptions were Shaw Trust who achieved a 13% success rate and Peopleserve at 14%.  9 organisations achieved a 100% success rate, although it must be said they only bid for 19 Lots all together.  The most successful was Seetec who bid for 7 and gained 7.  Others who bid for more areas were limited to 7.

13 organisations top the league table with 7 Lot areas each.  These organisations are:

  • A4e
  • Atos Origin
  • Avanta Enterprise Ltd
  • BBWR (Balfour Beatty WorkPlace Remploy)
  • G4S Care & Justice Services
  • Ingeus Deloitte
  • JHP Group Ltd
  • Maximus Employment UK
  • Newcastle College Group
  • Reed in Partnership
  • Seetec
  • Serco
  • Working Links

Special mention must be made for Twin Training International Ltd who achieved a credible 5 Lot areas.  Congratulations to everyone involved and enjoy your Christmas break!


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