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ERSS Framework Bidders List

DWP have released a list of bidders for the Employment Related Support Services Framework.  Click here for a PDF version.

We've put together a spreadsheet for you showing the bidders and the Lot areas they've put in for which makes it a bit more manageable and you can filter on the bidders or the Lot areas to easily find the information you want.  Click here for our spreadsheet.

Key points:

  • There are 91 bidders in total, some of which are SPVs but not many.  
  • 14 organisations have expressed a preference for all 11 Lots.
  • 34 organisations have only put in for 1 Lot. 

We obviously don't know the order of preference that the bidders put for each of the Lots but at least this provides a good overview.

DWP will be releasing contact details for all organisations shortly so if you haven't had contact with the potential prime contractors who are seeking to work in your area you'll be able to contact them.  Keep an eye on the DWP website for this using the above link.

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