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ERSA Supply Chain Forum

ERSA have stepped up to the plate and held the inaugral meeting of their new Supply Chain Forum.  As members of the Merlin Standard Advisory Board, ERSA is able to take key messages from the supply chain to inform development and implementation of the Standard.

The Supply Chain Forum is open to all ERSA member organisations offering providers the opportunity to share their experiences of working as supply chain partners in the welfare to work industry, focusing on development of best practice in supply chain management and delivery.

The first meeting highlighted concerns about DWP terms being passed down the supply chain as well as subcontractors incurring higher than necessary costs due to the different contract terms presented by prime contractors, which could have been reduced by some standardisation. Attendees also discussed the issue regarding multiple Expression of Interest forms.  As an immediate priority, the forum will explore whether it's possible to streamline contract terms to improve the experience for sub-contractors.  Future activity will focus on exploring effective ways of evidencing the customer journey of those furthest away from employment and further developing ERSA's Code of Conduct and Shared Promise on Customer Care.

The Supply Chain Forum meets quarterly, and its next meeting will take place on 25th October 2011. If you are interested in attending please contact Bridget Hynard on 020 7960 6809.

22 September 2011


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