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E-Learning Re-launch

E-learning is the latest training solution, but how do you make sense of what is on the web? The e-learning list (www.e-learninglist.co.uk) has recently been re-launched. It currently offers access to around 130 suppliers and is growing as we speak.  It provides a good source of information if you are interested in exploring e-learning options.

It aims to help people and organisations who are looking for professional e-learning services to find the right suppliers.  The website sells itself as the marketplace connecting buyers with suppliers of e-learning services.
Users can fill out a form to say what they are looking for and up to six market leading e-learning companies will respond with proposed solutions.  Users can then liaise with the companies as appropriate to access training (or not!). How effective this is, we have no idea, and we are not endorsing the site, but we think that any help you can get in filtering through the e-learning solutions available on the web may be worth a try.
You can also browse company listings to find suppliers with services you are interested in which can be rated and reviewed so that you can share your experiences. Lots of providers have already been rated, but as with all things of this nature, it will only be of value if people use it, so give it a go and let us know what you think.

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