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DWP Volunteering Opportunities

IDS has announced this week plans for thousands of new volunteering and training opportunities for unemployed people.  Organisations such as Princes Trust and local volunteering centres will be located in Jobcentres to promote volunteering opportunities in the local area.  This is actually an extension of an existing partnership between Princes Trust and JCP but the presence of the organisations in JCP will breathe new life into it and hopefully have a positive impact on more people. 

You will start to see this happening in the next few weeks with a national roll out from April (where possible).

However, being the realists we are, we aren't sure that the headline is backed up by concrete figures. The initiative may be making access easier and promoting volunteering opportunities but we aren't sure where the thousands of new opportunities are coming from.  Mr Duncan Smith?  Any ideas?


8 February 2011 

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